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We create immersive brand experiences, disruptive media stunts and national sampling activations.

Welcome to Ambient!

We are an award winning, experiential marketing agency. We create effective and influential brand experiences and know the importance of delivering them with passion and precision.

We have been delivering campaigns since 2002 and we love what we do!

Pink Floyd - Southbank - Experiential Marketing
UPP Look Walker Campaign - Experiential Marketing
Experiential Marketing Agency

We have been creating and delivering Experiential Marketing Campaigns Since 2002.

Specialising in brand experience, promotional staff and ambient media, we pride ourselves on being an experiential agency with innovation at its heart, actively striving to evolve how engagement marketing is used to help brands speak to consumers and to maximise the investment brands make through their brand experience agency in delivering live activations.

"By combining our ambient media expertise with experiential marketing techniques we are able to select the most relevant and effective methods for the delivery of a brand's message."

Client Services Director

Heli Banner - Vitamin Water Experiential Marketing
Disruptive Media

Experiential Marketing Agency + More

We are more than JUST an Experiential agency. We have a portfolio of over 20 disruptive and targeted Ambient Media formats capable of engaging people in places where there are few, if any, other media opportunities available.

Sanyo - Experiential Marketing
Texaco - Clean Graffiti Wall Mural
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